Necrologies & News Items (CAMWS site only)

In order to add a Necrology, choose Content > Add Content > Necrology. Help text has been included on the page, indicating that it is necessary to use the name of the deceased as a the title, add a link to the main body of the obituary (whether hosted on the CAMWS necrology blog or elsewhere) , the Institution and the Date of Death.

The main body of the text is currently hosted on the CAMWS necrology blog. If a decision were taken in any or all future cases to include it on our own site instead, it should be entered in the Body text here, and in this case the link in the link URL field should be back to our own site, rather than to the external site.

As explained in the help text, the link, institution and date of death fields are destined for inclusion the automatically generated listings of necrologies on our site. Each time a Necrology is added, these lists will  be updated automatically. This page will automatically display necrologies where the date of death is less than or equal to one year ago AND items which have been added within the past three months (in order to announce deaths which have come to the notice of CAMWS late, and which would not otherwise appear on the basis of the date of death). The time period can be varied. The 'All Necrologies' will display all Necrologies once I have entered them all.

This does depend on the date of death being entered correctly in a piece of content of type 'Necrology.' Provided a piece of content of that type is correctly created, the lists will be assembled automatically and immediately.

This page is similarly generated automatically from news items (i.e. pieces of content of type 'News Item'). However I have not defined a cut-off point in the past. These are currently displayed in reverse chronological order of being posted, aside from the list of links at the top, which is a fixed heading (whereas Necrologies are ordered by date of death). There is similar news page for CPL at /cpl/news.php which works like the main CAMWS news page with the sole difference that it lists items of content type = CPL News Item, whereas the main news page lists items of content type = News Item.