TCL Journal Issues

This is broadly similar to the method for creating a CJ issue and collection of articles. There are minor differences. The workflow for a new issue is:

(1) Log in as Editor;
(2) From 'Content' (on the black admin bar menu at the top) select 'Add Content > TCL Issue', and complete the fields, uploading a PDF of the entire issue (if you wish to continue doing so), front matter pdf, front cover image and so on. There is help text on the form.  Optionally (recommended) find the URL path link towards the bottom left and give the issue a meaningful URL such as spring2014, fall1017 etc (enter no spaces, and no leading or trailing slash). Save (the site has no autosave).
(3) From 'Content' select 'Add Content > TCL Article/Abstract', and complete the various fields including entering an abstract, and uploading a PDF of the article, which have help text, in order to add an article. To link this article to an issue, use the drop-down at the top of the form to select the issue to which the article is attached to.  Save. Repeat for each article in the issue.
(4) Now the Issue page and the Back Issues page, and the Current Issue button, should have updated automatically.

This system is fully tested for issues where the content is in PDF. If instead if uploading a PDF you create an article as a web page (an option which is presented to you on the Article creation page), it is necessary to find 'Publishing Options' (bottom left of the form) and tick 'Published'; and you may wish to use the 'URL path settings' to assign a meaningful web address to the article. Articles published as PDFs may retain the default 'unpublished' setting.