Password Protecting Pages (e.g. Loeb access page)

It is possible to set a password on any piece of content on the main CAMWS site and the CJ site, so that it is visible only to a person who enters that password. The feature was originally added to provide a link from which members could log in to the Loeb library. Using the password to access a page is distinct from logging in to the site, and is primarily intended to allow a password to be shared with CAMWS members who should be able to view the page, without logging in to the site with a user account. To add a password to a node (a piece of content) find 'Password protect this...' among the options towards the bottom left of the edit form. Check 'This [piece of content] is protected.' Enter the desired password.

Email + password authentication

Optionally, when using this password form, paste a list of email addresses into the box provided. Save. If at least one email address is pasted into the box, any user who visits the protected page (without already being logged in as admin or editor) will be asked to enter their email address as well as as the password, and will be granted access only if their email address is on the list. If no email address is pasted into the box, users will be asked for a password only. The list can be updated by manually adding or removing individual addresses, or by selecting and deleting all addresses and pasting in a new list. In case the email field does not appear, check that the Proteced Node Email module is enabled and that the 'Per Node Password' option is selected on the Protected Node configuration form.

Note: access to the Loeb library has been set up via rather than a page on the main site because the main CAMWS site uses https, and the Loeb library require visitors to arrive from a site which uses http rather than https.