Editing this Manual

Logged-in users to the site will have an extra item in the footer menu, 'Website Manual.' This link leads to the front page of the present manual. All users who need to use the manual can read it, whereas the general public cannot.

Site administrators may also edit the manual. To add a page the manual, please find the link 'Add child page' at the bottom of the manual's front page. Ordering of the pages within in the manual is managed under the 'Book' link towards to the bottom left of the content edit form. The weight field permits setting of the order of the pages (where the lower numbers are nearer the top: it may be necessary to alter the weights of other pages to insert a page). A sub-section may be created by selecting the 'parent' section: a main section is created by making 'Website Manual' the parent item, whereas a sub-section may be created  by adding some chapter of the manual as the parent item. This hierarchy is reflected in the 'up' link at the bottom of the page and in the table of contents which always on appears on the left of the manual. 

When creating a page, administrators are invited to use the 'URL path settings' section to assign a logical URL. All pages of the manual have a URL starting with website-manual/ followed by a URL containing words from the title, for example, website-manual/creating-content.