CJ Forum Section Abstracts

Creating a CJ forum abstract works like creating a CJ article abstract. Where an issue contains forum abstracts, a CJ Issue - Forum Section must be created in addition to a CJ Issue. This is because the general article abstracts for any given issue, and the forum article abstracts for any given issue, each have their own listing of the abstracts they contain, so a 'CJ issue' and a 'CJ issue - forum section' must be distinct entities. Then, create a CJ Forum Abstract, and attach it to the CJ Issue - Forum Section where it should appear, setting its position in the running order, just as you would with a regular CJ abstract. For more detail on how to set this up, please refer to the section on creating a CJ Journal Issue, where the system is the same (except that here we use 'CJ Issue - Forum Section' instead of 'CJ Issue', and 'CJ Forum Abstract' instead of 'CJ Article Abstract').

Like the general abstract section, the forum abstract section will be populated automatically. However, also like the general abstract section, the path for the menu item 'Current Issue' must be updated manually (here) so that it points to the most recent available item of type 'CJ Issue - Forum Section.' 

The forum submission guidelines (wich were formerly in a block) are now a Basic Page, and may be edited from the Edit tab which appears above them when logged in with sufficient permissions to edit them.