Uploading Images

The procedure for uploading an image file to the server, and selecting an image file on the server to link to, is the same as for uploading files above, except that you should use the WYSIWYG image button (a representation of a picture). This will create an image-specific type of link. It also allows you to specify one of the automatically resized copies of the image which the system creates. These automatically generated copies must always be smaller than the original (other the quality will be poor). NB: please do not upload huge image files. A few hundred Kb is a large image file which is sometimes acceptable for a large image; a few Mb is entirely in appropriate. They will fill the hard disk, and if displayed on the site will make it slow to load, especially on mobiles. If you have images from your camera, or downloaded from image repositories, which are large, they can be reduced in size first, for example by processing them at http://imageoptimizer.net.